3D Kitchen Visualisation

Would you like to find out how your kitchen can look like ?

Please feel free to use our 3D Visualisation application. You can use it to compare, and see how particular stone shades would look like together with certain cabinets colours. You can preview each granite or quartz worktop, and see their colour in daylight as well as in artificial light.

Why will you find this tool useful?

Usually, when you have to choose a worktop, you examine stone samples, nonetheless, the final look may not meet your expectations; it is hard to get an accurate image just from a small sample since the same material may look completely different on bigger surface.

How to choose the right colour for your kitchen countertops?

The first principle often used by our clients when selecting tops, is the principle of contrast, if you have dark cabinets, you should pick light coloured tops. Consequently, light cabinets look better combined with worktops which are darker. It is recommended to follow this popular rule when arranging your design, however it is not a rigid rule that must be followed. Using light and pastel colours is also a good idea, it gives the kitchen more cosy and homely look. Dark, graphite and grey shades are always perfect if you want to create an elegant and modern style. The most popular colour will be black, as it goes well with any other colours of cabinets, walls and floors.

For people who like fancy colours, we recommend man-made quartz tops. Quartz may come in natural colours, but also in modern, intensive range.