Stone samples

On this page you can explore the colour range of stones we have in our offer. All the products of our suppliers and their colours are presented here. The samples were photographed in such way, to give you the best idea of colour, shade and pattern of it. Nevertheless, the image may differ depending on the settings of your screen.

Should I choose granite , quartz or marble? Browse our selection of stones.

In order to determine between those materials, you should know more about their properties.

Marble is an entirely natural rock (it is a metamorphic rock formed from organic materials). It is less resistant to mechanical damage like impact, intensive attrition or high temperature, not to mention that it absorbs spillages quite easily, and therefore it may stain if not maintained properly . It is better to use it in the bathroom as worktops rather than in a kitchen (it is highly recommended to use a granite top instead). Marble is a perfect raw material for walls and floors, as it certainly adds elegance to your house, as well as it increases the value of it. It is also perfect for ornamental elements.

Granite, similar to marble, is a plutonic rock, which was crystallised deep bellow the earth surface in high temperature. It is more resistant than marble, therefore more suitable for kitchen worktops. Granite can sustain intensive, everyday use; it does not deteriorate when in contact with chemical substances or oils. Moreover, it does not require as much work as marble to keep it clean and safe.

Both granite and marble are very special and unique materials, however, like all natural materials they interact with surrounding environment, hence they require some appropriate care. If you follow our tips regarding their maintenance, you can have beautiful surfaces for many years.