New offer

If you are not sure what could add more style to your granite or quartz worktop we have a suggestion for you!
It goes really well with modern kitchens, but also combines with a classy kitchen.

Glass splashbacks

We would like to introduce you a new idea for your kitchen, a custom made glass splashback.
Looking for a genuine idea for an original kitchen? If you are interested in top quality product that will last for a while- we have something for you. We present you Glass Splashbacks – a modern alternative for traditional tiles. You will find here a massive selection of colours of the glass splashbacks, which you will easily match with any range of cabinets coming in different colours. Glass splashbacks will not only protect your walls from oil splashes and all other types of mess, which is unavoidable when cooking in your kitchen, but also when it comes to clean it really is easy and straight forward job. As glass splashbacks come in big sheets, you don’t have to worry about the joints, unlike with tiles, where the grease or oils stains were quite visible on grout between tiles, making the process of cleaning and maintaining them a true nightmare. Glass can be coloured in any colour you may think of, even with shiny sparkly bits, to reflect the light adding a touch of uniqueness. Glass splashbacks are made of toughened glass, due to high temperature made by hobs or cookers. Toughened glass will withstand very high temperatures, therefore proper glass splashbacks must be made of toughened glass, not just standard one. Generall thickness of a glass splashback is 6mm, and that is most popular thickness you will find in the kitchen, but it can go up to 19mm, and that thickness can be used for worktops. Sounds unbelievable? Remember – it is a toughen glass after all, which is highly resistant to discoloration and scratches. It presents extremely well in modern kitchens as well as in kitchens with classic design.
new glass splashback

Sink recessed area

Thinking about combining style with functionality, try our new service, draining grooves surrounded by recessed area, curved in your granite or quartz worktop. Apart from being useful and practical, it also adds a touch of elegance in your kitchen. Recessed area prevents water from spillages all over the worktop, by keeping it in the recess, and the draining grooves curved in it allow the water to flow into the sink. As the under mounted sinks come in different sizes , you will have a few unique designs of your recess area, and on top of that, please remember that granite or quartz worktops come in different colours, and that guarantees you unique and exceptional design on your quartz or granite worktop, significantly raising the standard of your kitchen. Take a look into our gallery and see for yourself, how Recess Area presents itself on different worktops, and try to choose most suitable with your taste and design. As our granite and quartz worktops are made only of top grade quality material, so is our labour on them. We put a lot of effort into creation of something unique, a piece of art curved in stone . That gives your kitchen elegant, modern and esthetic look. As the granite or quartz worktops are made for life, so is our labour on them- it really is a good investment and money well spend which will benefit you for years.
sink recessed area

Why are granite worktops very attractive?

To make the kitchen worktops, many materials are used, and for many years, granite has been very popular. It is a natural stone possessing many advantages and virtues that make granite very unique and universal. Granite has been used since many generations for many branches, mainly as a decorative product. Therefore because of its natural features and advantages it is often used as a material for kitchen granite worktops.