Kitchen worktops – What should be chosen?

When choosingranite kitchen worktopsg the worktop for the kitchen we need to consider which material will be most suitable with our needs , and which one will match our expectations. We can choose from materials such as: granite, marble, quartz, timber, laminate or metal. Each one characterizes itself with different properties, not to mention the colour or the price.

Kitchen worktops made of natural Stone

Quite recently countertops made of natural stone became very popular on Polish market. Most common kitchen worktops are made of granite, marble and quartz. Natural stone can not only be used as the material for the kitchen countertop or vanity top, but also can be used for window sills, upstands, and many others.
Kitchen work surfaces made of Quartz are also becoming very popular, as Quartz is a man made product, which is very durable material.

Amongst the wide variety of materials, from which we produce our kitchen worktops, our main resources are granite, marble and quartz. These are the most durable materials and have the largest range of colours. They have a high availability, some are more and some are less expensive, but nevertheless we recommend it as the most suitable material for the production of your dream kitchen worktop!


Characteristic of granite worktops.

Granite is a natural stone made from a solid rock of magmatic origin, mined in various parts of the world such as Brazil, Spain and India. It is one of the most enduring and most durable natural materials, found as a very reliable product in the design and construction industry. Granite is the material successfully used to manufacture a wide variety of kitchen worktops or bathroom designs. Natural stone is available in a very wide range of colours, so choosing granite as a material for kitchen worktops will not be a major problem in terms of matching the colour to the rest of your kitchen/bathroom.

We guarantee that this material is for a 100% natural, so you do not have any artificial components, making it an ideal material for the manufacturing of kitchen worktops and bathroom countertops. Our professional installers will install your dream granite countertop so that it will serve you for many years.

Granite always looks very exclusive. His undeniable aesthetic coupled with amazing durability and strength make Granite is the ideal material for kitchen countertops. This combined with the professional performance counter, using the latest generation of devices for cutting stone, I will cause that you will delight in appearance and shape of the product that you offer. Granite countertops of our company are resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage, which provide them long life and consistently elegant and luxurious appearance.

A granite countertop is an investment in the natural beauty and durability for many years. Why not check out our wide range of rich to be able to design with us your dream kitchen or bathroom that will serve many a generation of users.

Quartz worktops – artificial material offering vast range of colours

Quartz is an artificial/ man-made stone that is prepared from natural ingredients, which are 95% quartz, and 5% of the remaining ingredients are resins and various dyes. During the process of creating ground quartz mixed with other ingredients, it is compressed under very high pressure and very high temperatures. Such residual stone slabs are cut into smaller pieces, which are sanded and then ready for the last stages of the manufacture of worktops.

The quartz offered by us for the bathroom and kitchen products are of the highest quality, regarding both, the product, and the workmanship and installation. Moreover quartz can be considered as very hygienic, which is ideal for kitchen and bathroom worktops. It is porous, therefore it is very easy to keep clean – and its maintenance is always a pleasure. Quartz is characterized by the highest durability and strength. Using any blades on it will not cause any scratches on the surface of our quartz worktops.

Quartz on the other hand, is an artificial material, but made from natural ingredients, providing you literally unlimited colour possibilities for the worktops. It is very helpful when it comes to designing your kitchen or bathroom, because besides being fashionable it also may have very unique colours. Bear in mind that you can freely choose the colour of the worktop which will either match or contrast the cabinets and floors of a given interior.

The quartz material is extremely durable and resistant, in addition it is resistant to frost and heat, thus well suited also for the manufacture of stairs – both indoor and outdoor, as well as being a finishing material for facades.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our rich offer, which will certainly make your design certainly more interesting and original.