How to take care of kitchens made out of natural stone.

Taking care of a cheap granite worktops is incredibly important in terms of its function it serves in our houses. The greatest choice is granite worktops, as granite as a natural stone does not include any false elements within its structure

Right after fitting of the granite, it gets impregnated, which means that the micro gaps are sealed on the surface of the granite. A new protecting layer is created which prevents inserting of dirt, which is very hard to eliminate. It is important to know that regular sealing of the worktop is crucial, to sustain its beauty, at least once a year.


Cleaning of the cheap granite worktop and quartz

…is extremely easy, as long as you follow primary rules including:

  • It is important to avoid cleaning products which may contain specific acids within them. Such as citric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, acetic acid and also hydrochloric acid etc. these acids are often contained within products aimed at cleaning surfaces which may be covered with some sort of sediment. After combining a granite worktop or quartz with such acids, the surface stops shining and might even tarnish.
  • All kinds of bleaches need to be considered, as they may affect the colour changes, this involves mainly marble worktops.
  • It is safe however to use the washing up liquids, however still we don’t fully recommend this, as the left behind liquid might enhance the effect of rings left behind by warm pots and pans.
  • In terms of marble, the safest is water; it is also important however that it is neither mineral nor distillated, as this may cause decolouration.
  • Products which are neutral for marble are those which ph is equal to 7. This is significantly important as substances even with ph5 might harm the structure of the worktop.
  • It is also important to avoid substances which include silicone oils; this includes the washing up liquids, glass cleaning products or products aimed at furniture treatment. And although they will not harm the worktop permanently, there still will be unpleasant smudges and traces left behind, which are hard to remove.
  • Substances especially harmful for worktops are products aimed for cleaning ovens, consisting of potassium chemicals and baking soda etc. Unfortunately they can permanently spoil the surface of your worktop.
  • The granite and marble worktops do not tolerate either substances such as petrol, nail polish etc. As these also permanently harm the granite, quartz and marble worktops.

To successfully treat you granite or marble worktops, it is necessary to use products which are specially made for taking care of granite. There are many products like these on the market, which are made specially with the thought safe treatment for granite and marble surfaces. Moreover, it’s regular use enhances the natural colour of the worktop.