PolGranite – offcuts

Granite off-cuts on offer !!!

Please feel free to choose off-cuts from our wide selection and variety of granite/quartz material at supplier prices. Every one of the off-cuts are still very high quality products and from first grade granite without any defects. Off-cuts are often used as windowsills, coffee tables etc. But most of all they make a great use for all smaller projects, for lower price than usually, therefore it’s worth checking them out

granite offcuts


What are the granite off-cuts

During the manufacturing of granite and quartz, a lot of remaining (still useful) material is left behind, which is not always used – these are called the off-cuts. They are undersized elements made from stone, which can be freely used for various other projects.

From a piece of granite or quartz, a beautiful worktop can be made, with various designs, perhaps even a splashback or a cutting board can be made for kitchen purposes. A piece of granite or quartz can also serve as a window sill. The possibilities are limitless. As this is a very useful product, it may have some features that are exactly like granite or quartz. Our products do not have any damages or defects, so they can be safely used for various purposes according to your discretion.

We have a very large selection of pieces of different sizes and different colours, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of products. Let our wide selection serve you as a full inspiration that will make your home/apartment even richer in curious and unique designs. These products aren’t at all that expensive, but they are nevertheless worth every penny as they will serve you a lifetime and will be pleasing to an eye for many years.

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