What are the newest kitchen trends?

So, you have decided to remodel your old kitchen or you are building your house right now and you wonder how to arrange one of the most important home spaces – kitchen. You can of course use old and simple rules and follow the tried kitchen designs and there is nothing wrong with using something that works for so many other people. But maybe you should see some other, more modern kitchen arrangements that will also look beautiful and add some more originality to your home?

But remember – modern kitchen design will only go well with generally modern interior design of the whole home décor. It is not a good idea to create a technologically advanced kitchen when it open on a living room with antique furniture and an old fireplace. Mixing and matching styles is a long and winded path and not many interior designers are able to create such mix perfectly. Thus it is much safer to go with one style of interior design for the whole house and highlight your originality with little details.

When we have this warning out of the way, let’s talk more about contemporary kitchen design. The first and most important thing is, of course, technological advancements that can be implemented – LCD screens built in granite worktops, intelligent appliances (fridge that lists its contents on the door, multipurpose robots that can prepare the whole meal, energy-saving stoves etc.) are the most distinctive design choices, but they have to fit well with the furniture. Simplicity, minimalism and as little decorative detail as possible, the “coldness” of furniture goes well with technology, especially when you choose primary colors. Black&White combo is also a safe bet.