Granite worktops made of natural Stone

Granite worktops

Granite worktops Manchester Polish Granite LTD

When choosing the worktop for the kitchen we need to consider which material will be most suitable with our needs , and which one will match our expectations. We can choose from materials such as: granite, marble, quartz, timber, laminate or metal. Each one characterizes itself with different properties, not to mention the colour or the price.

Quite recently worktops made of natural stone became very popular on Polish market. Most common kitchen worktops are made of granite, marble and quartz. Natural stone can not only be used as the material for the kitchen worktops or vanity tops, but also can be used for window sills, upstands, and many others. Kitchen worktops made of Quartz are also becoming very popular, as Quartz is a man made product, which is very durable material.

Polish Granite located in Manchester uses only verified stone suppliers, which have many years of experience in their industry, and can supply us with different kinds of top grade materials. Polish Granite has been successfully cooperating with such Stone Suppliers as: Levantina, Compac, Ingemar, International Stones, Technistone, Diresco, Silestone, Cimstone, Pisani. Our fitters have many years of experience, therefore all our labour, manufacture and fittings of kitchen granite worktops is always of highest quality . Polish Granite covers whole European Union area. When the company was established in United Kingdom, we firstly supplied our local customers in Manchester area, and after a while we started to sell our products to other locations such as London or Edinburgh. Right now we can supply our products to any city in EU as well as in Poland.