The colour white – future of our kitchens

white kitchenWhite walls, white furniture, often white floor and appliances. The ubiquitous white for several seasons has been the hottest trend in arranging the kitchen in our country.

But why is the white kitchen such a trend? Here are a few reasons:

1. White expands the interior and provides it more light- is the ideal solution for small dark kitchen.
2. White kitchen is universal and timeless. For white suits almost everything – perfectly among others are wood and stone, and if you need to refresh your kitchen design, just change the accessories.
3. Contrary to appearances, in a white kitchen the order is easily maintained. In contrast to the dark furniture, worktops and floors, the white elements grease stains and dust are less visible.
4. The colour white is perfect for kitchens that are lacking colour, as the white design will make any colours stand out more, whether they are black, green or grey.

See for yourself, how to present themselves in the most popular kitchen design styles. Would you like to have a white kitchen? The colour white, though a standard colour, is becoming even more popular amongst the British public, and almost everyone so far has been satisfied with the colour.

photo source: Susan Serra/flickr