Best stone worktops colours

Quartz is the one of the most demanding stones in the whole world, just secondly after feldspar. Since beginning of man’s history multi-faceted appearance of stone has been used also as jewellery because this stone can reflect light as a prism. This unique appearance of granite is one of the reasons why people choose this stone in elegant bathrooms and kitchens design.

Quartz stone can be found In wide range of colours, which is the reason why it fit prefect in every kind kitchen. Pure quartz is naturally transparent, after settling various other materials with quartz get a final colour. Most common natural shades of granite is black, grey, white and pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue. Other non transparent colours are formed by mixing quartz crystal with agate, tiger’s eye, jasper and other.

Usually stone worktops are made of these crystals, also they can be make with mixing combining crystal with gum and other adhesives to make a hard worktop, scratch and heat resisting. If after that quartz is still not enough colourful for customer, a pigments can be added with the bonding agents. In the result we get a really huge colours variants, unequalled with other natural stone materials.

Right after colours another feature of quartz stone is their diversity of textures. This attribute can be manufactured just like colours in manufacturing process. Available of variety of colours, textures giving a lots of capabilities for interior designer and home-owners.