What are the newest kitchen trends?

So, you have decided to remodel your old kitchen or you are building your house right now and you wonder how to arrange one of the most important home spaces – kitchen. You can of course use old and simple rules and follow the tried kitchen designs and there is nothing wrong with using something that works for so many other people. But maybe you should see some other, more modern kitchen arrangements that will also look beautiful and add some more originality to your home?

But remember – modern kitchen design will only go well with generally modern interior design of the whole home décor. It is not a good idea to create a technologically advanced kitchen when it open on a living room with antique furniture and an old fireplace. Mixing and matching styles is a long and winded path and not many interior designers are able to create such mix perfectly. Thus it is much safer to go with one style of interior design for the whole house and highlight your originality with little details.

When we have this warning out of the way, let’s talk more about contemporary kitchen design. The first and most important thing is, of course, technological advancements that can be implemented – LCD screens built in granite worktops, intelligent appliances (fridge that lists its contents on the door, multipurpose robots that can prepare the whole meal, energy-saving stoves etc.) are the most distinctive design choices, but they have to fit well with the furniture. Simplicity, minimalism and as little decorative detail as possible, the “coldness” of furniture goes well with technology, especially when you choose primary colors. Black&White combo is also a safe bet.

The colour white – future of our kitchens

white kitchenWhite walls, white furniture, often white floor and appliances. The ubiquitous white for several seasons has been the hottest trend in arranging the kitchen in our country.

But why is the white kitchen such a trend? Here are a few reasons:

1. White expands the interior and provides it more light- is the ideal solution for small dark kitchen.
2. White kitchen is universal and timeless. For white suits almost everything – perfectly among others are wood and stone, and if you need to refresh your kitchen design, just change the accessories.
3. Contrary to appearances, in a white kitchen the order is easily maintained. In contrast to the dark furniture, worktops and floors, the white elements grease stains and dust are less visible.
4. The colour white is perfect for kitchens that are lacking colour, as the white design will make any colours stand out more, whether they are black, green or grey.

See for yourself, how to present themselves in the most popular kitchen design styles. Would you like to have a white kitchen? The colour white, though a standard colour, is becoming even more popular amongst the British public, and almost everyone so far has been satisfied with the colour.

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Facts about marble

Fact about marble

Marble – Polish granite LTD

Marble is a special kind of rock that came from the composition caused by pressure and huge amounts of heat which is characterized by different shapes of specific colours from impurity. It has been used for thousands of years, when it comes to art in architecture, and can take a very high polish.
Most common uses for marble Interior and exterior paving as well as wall cladding, fireplaces, residential and commercial worktops, even table tops amongst others.

Facts about marble


Marble is a very delicate and soft material, it contains a lot of natural tiny holes which can enhance its delicacy , however they aren’t visible for a human eye. Unlike granite or quartz marble scratches and stains very easily. In order to prevent marble from staining it is suggested to seal it with proper sealant that stops any liquids to travel through the layer, making it very secure from typical staining.
Since marble is a limestone material, it isn’t used for worktops as often. This is because its structure is very soft; it can be easily suffer to scratches etc. When it comes to surfaces we constantly observe, such as kitchen worktops, it is better to use granite or quartz due to its durability. However in terms of surfaces where not much attention is focused on, marble is a great solution, especially considering its beauty. It is also available in honed, matt or polished finishes.

Best stone worktops colours

Quartz is the one of the most demanding stones in the whole world, just secondly after feldspar. Since beginning of man’s history multi-faceted appearance of stone has been used also as jewellery because this stone can reflect light as a prism. This unique appearance of granite is one of the reasons why people choose this stone in elegant bathrooms and kitchens design.

Quartz stone can be found In wide range of colours, which is the reason why it fit prefect in every kind kitchen. Pure quartz is naturally transparent, after settling various other materials with quartz get a final colour. Most common natural shades of granite is black, grey, white and pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue. Other non transparent colours are formed by mixing quartz crystal with agate, tiger’s eye, jasper and other.

Usually stone worktops are made of these crystals, also they can be make with mixing combining crystal with gum and other adhesives to make a hard worktop, scratch and heat resisting. If after that quartz is still not enough colourful for customer, a pigments can be added with the bonding agents. In the result we get a really huge colours variants, unequalled with other natural stone materials.

Right after colours another feature of quartz stone is their diversity of textures. This attribute can be manufactured just like colours in manufacturing process. Available of variety of colours, textures giving a lots of capabilities for interior designer and home-owners.

Granite Kitchen Worktops – A Fusion Strength And Beauty

Cheap granite work topsGranite is one of the toughest and most durable forms of stone there is, having been forged in the heart of a volcano originally. This makes it an ideal material for use in kitchens. Granite kitchen worktops offer a range of benefits, not the least of which is their extreme resilience to wear and tear. It’s easy to think that kitchen worktops have it relatively easy, but the truth is that they come in for a huge amount of potentially damaging action.

Think about how many times you’ve dumped heavy pans and casserole dishes on your worktop, or placed boiling hot pans directly on the surface. Think of the scalding liquids, the acidic juices and the razor sharp knife blades cutting down directly on the kitchen granite worktops. Very quickly this can weaken and damage some work surfaces, and this can massively reduce their life expectancy.

Because granite is such a naturally strong stone it makes it ideal in such an environment because not only will it be perfectly at home with high temperatures and knocks, scrapes and cuts, but it will go on to remain looking beautiful for much longer, making it a much more cost efficientinvestment than a cheap worktop that needs to be replaced every few years.

Remember, any damage to a kitchen worktop doesn’t just mean that it looks unsightly and tatty, it also represents a real health risk. Small chips, cuts, scratches and dents can easily harbour mould, mildew and germs, and this is right where you are preparing food for your family. Because granite is so strong, it will provide a worktop which looks beautiful on the surface, and keeps your family safer.

Granite is actually the preferred stone for rock climbers, specifically because of its resilience and strength. If you have seen climbers inching their way up sheer rock faces, hanging thousands of feet up in the air from asingle point, you can be fairly sure that most of the time that’s granite they’re hanging from. Climbers put their lives in the figurative hands of granite, which demonstrates perhaps more clearly than in any other way just how good it is for coping with hard wear and tear.

But of course there is another side to granite. Because whilst it is extremely strong and durable, it also offers up the most delicate and intricate patterns. No matter how many granite kitchen worktops you see, you will never find two which are the same. The fact that you can own something which is affordable, unbelievably durable and strong, and which is a real one off unique look makes them one of the most popular choices today.

The Unique Beauty of Kashmir White Granite

Cheap granite work top LondonKashmir White Granite, an organic Eurasian stone with a medium-to-fine grain, dates back to the Precambrian period and is mostly quarried in India. Prepared slabs are either processed there, or exported to be processed in China. This finish represents one of the most unaffected and lightest shades of granite and is often regarded as the truest white available in granite.

Obviously, shades will vary slightly between slabs, as is the case with all natural stones. The overall appearance, however, is that of a darkish winter white to very pale grey stone embedded with medium to very small berry coloured, crimson or maroon pieces referred to as garnets. Occasionally, a grey to almost black mottling effect will form a striated pattern on the stone, too. Essentially, no two slabs are the same, and the colouring can even vary slightly within a single slab. This guarantees that every single application will have a totally unique look.

Kashmir White Granite worktops are available in 50, 30 and 20 mm thicknesses and look as excellent when providing contrast to glossy black kitchen furniture as they do when combined with white units and stainless steel to create a sleek, bright look. The reddish-brown flecks also ensure this material mingles particularly well with cherry wood or mahogany cabinets. In other words, Kashmir White Granite lends itself perfectly to be used in any setting and for any application, whether it is in the home in the shape of vanity or counter tops, splash backs or tiling, or within commercial settings such as deli counters or reception desks

While this material naturally has all the hard-wearing qualities of granite in general, the light colouring does mean it requires a little more maintenance than darker stones. Exposure to excessive cold, heat or moisture should be avoided, as these conditions may damage the seal and leave unsightly marks. It is also essential to mop up any spills immediately, as Kashmir White does tend to hold colour readily. Unlike other granites, this particular finish may require resealing at shorter intervals, with the process being required as often as every six to eight months if it is exposed to heavy use.

As a whole, however, with a little care and regular maintenance, these granite worktops will add magnificent elegance and value to homes or commercial premises of any kind and keep their stunningly-beautiful shine for many years.

Cleaning Granite Worktops

Cheap granite worktopGranite is the most strong of all stones, second only to diamonds. The toughness of the surface is fabulous for handling dough and confectionery. While robust and low upkeep nonetheless, they are not immune to damage.

The granite suppler should really provide customized instructions for care with each slab, since all granite is made of many assorted minerals. Regardless of whether 2 different stone slabs come from the same part of the planet, there’ll be variances in the granite that need different sorts of attention. Correct care makes sure the longevity and beauty expected from this premium product. As well as the polished finish, it’s.

actually possible to get a sharpened or flat finish. Though a sharpened finish can be engaging, it’s not counseled for kitchen use. Over the passage of time regular use will have an inclination to lend a polish to some areas, and the extra mandatory sealers will distract from the best thing about the surface. A polished finish is quickest to maintain with steady care that includes correct cleaning and the usage of sealers to stop marking. Care for a polished finish starts with daily attention to what’s placed on the surface. Granite work-tops are hard and can face up to a falling tin of soup, but the shined up surface is a touch more frail.

Never use the granite as a cutting surface, always exploit a cutting board. To clean the surface without leaving streaks, use only a little bit of warm water with a ph balanced dishwashing liquid. Though granite is difficult, some of the minerals in it could be actually soft. The existence of different minerals is what makes the granite easy to scratch, be chipped or break along the grain.

Regular polishing will keep the finish glittering. Employ a penetrating sealant commended by the supplier or the home builder.

Avoid employing a stone sealer that will not penetrate the stone, as it’ll make a clouded surface that really must be removed by stripping the complete counter, using wicked solvent solutions. Remember, the glossy shine isn’t thanks to a coating on the surface, but by expert polishing using diamond polishing tools. If there’s minor damage to a granite counter, it can be set by the house owner. If a pot or pan leaves a gray or black mark on the surface, it can be polished out using fine steel wool. If a glue-like substance is stuck on the counter, it’s possible to scrape it off with a card or single sided razor blade. If the granite is chipped or cracked, an expert should be called in to perform invisible repairs.

With a little care to guard their beauty and application, granite counters will last a complete life. Read more about cheap granite worktops Manchester & Polish Granite LTD. 

Cheap Granite Worktops UK

Cheap granite worktopMany home owners take their time deciding on what they would like to do in the kitchen as it will be an initial outlay in costs however, if you do it properly and aren’t too cheap, you will find that your investment will last you for years! 

One of the greatest stones to invest in for kitchen worktops that are bound to last you year upon year and still look stunning is Granite worktops. Granite is one of the hardest wearing stones on earth and has been used for years in kitchens and bathrooms.

The main reason granite is great for kitchens and a bathroom is that these areas of the home usually have the largest amount of traffic. Everyone day people use the kitchen sides for chopping food, cooking and preparing meals, it’s no wonder the worktops can get damaged. Using a material such as granite which is highly durable and resistant means that you will get kitchen worktops that last a lot longer than other materials such as laminate.

The other great thing about this durable stone is the amount of colours it comes in! There are so many that you can pretty much get any colour you want. This is great for kitchens and bathrooms again as it means that you can get worktops that will suit any colour range you choose to go with.

Not many people know much about Granite as typically up until now it has been seen as the most expensive choice for homes but recently this has changed. There are many granite suppliers that are able to offer really good high quality granite but at really good prices.

Gone are the days when average families can have this luxury in their homes!

If you don’t fancy granite for any reason, a good alternative which is also strong, durable but man made is Quartz. Many home owners choose Quartz worktops  as you still have the variety of colours but being highly heat and scratch resistant means it can be great in kitchens! Read more about granite worktops on Polish Granite LTD website.

Granite worktops made of natural Stone

Granite worktops

Granite worktops Manchester Polish Granite LTD

When choosing the worktop for the kitchen we need to consider which material will be most suitable with our needs , and which one will match our expectations. We can choose from materials such as: granite, marble, quartz, timber, laminate or metal. Each one characterizes itself with different properties, not to mention the colour or the price.

Quite recently worktops made of natural stone became very popular on Polish market. Most common kitchen worktops are made of granite, marble and quartz. Natural stone can not only be used as the material for the kitchen worktops or vanity tops, but also can be used for window sills, upstands, and many others. Kitchen worktops made of Quartz are also becoming very popular, as Quartz is a man made product, which is very durable material.

Polish Granite located in Manchester uses only verified stone suppliers, which have many years of experience in their industry, and can supply us with different kinds of top grade materials. Polish Granite has been successfully cooperating with such Stone Suppliers as: Levantina, Compac, Ingemar, International Stones, Technistone, Diresco, Silestone, Cimstone, Pisani. Our fitters have many years of experience, therefore all our labour, manufacture and fittings of kitchen granite worktops is always of highest quality . Polish Granite covers whole European Union area. When the company was established in United Kingdom, we firstly supplied our local customers in Manchester area, and after a while we started to sell our products to other locations such as London or Edinburgh. Right now we can supply our products to any city in EU as well as in Poland.