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Welcome to the official website of PolGranite – producer, distributor and manufacturer of top grade quality quartz and granite worktops and panels. We strive to satisfy our clients, therefore we constantly introduce new products and services. We operate on the whole UK mainland, you can visit one of our branches, where you can examine in person our range of products and services, receive the price plan, ask any question you may have to our professional staff, which is always there to help and advise you.

We now offer marble, quartz and granite worktops, which come in a rich palette of natural colours designed by nature for granite and for quartz which comes in even bigger colour range, giving you better opportunity in choosing something exceptional.

We specialise in custom made kitchen worktops – as each kitchen is unique, every granite or quartz worktop is manufactured according to specification given by a customer. However, we offer much more than that; we can also provide you with: wall cladding, side panels, window sills, stairs, reception desks, bar tops, splashbacks, Up-stands, coffee tables, skirting, building elevations and many others.

Our website is not only a great source of practical information about tops made of natural or artificial stone, but also a useful tool, as it contains applications allowing you to choose products, materials, their size and shape and incorporate them into unique design of your kitchen. Feel free to use our 3D application and Visualization to get the idea of the outcome when combining our granite or quartz worktops with your cabinets. Apart from that we have published many useful articles with helpful tips and information regarding stone products, which you can find on our website.

We have many years of experience gained by operating on international markets, and we have acquired knowledge about materials and labour to provide you with quick and efficient service. To do so we have made contacts in the stonework trade, therefore we will only supply you with top quality materials and products, supplied by our certified contractors. With this, we will guarantee that you will always be provided with great service.

Not only we provide our services to individual customers, but also we deal with trade, kitchen studios, interior designers and architects.

Should you have any enquires, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help and advice you.